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About Our Organisation

Welcome to Bethesda Network! A Social Enterprise focused on Social Mobility.

The Bethesda Network is passionate about mentoring and developing BAME women and men who want to become leaders. We provide platforms that will give them the tools they need to succeed in becoming leaders in their chosen vocations, businesses, and professions.

BN and our partners match individual mentees with volunteer mentors who have skills and expertise to provide support for the BAME leadership and entrepreneurs in the UK. We want to see a more inclusive environment for BAME in leadership. The Bethesda Network has programmes for young adults to the more mature at all stages of their career or business.

Our mission to contribute to the leadership and capacity development of community and social entrepreneurship initiatives that provide social capital for their community. Our vision is to empower motivated like-minded individuals, groups, and organisations to aid Social mobility in society.


Our doors are open…

We are looking to get to know more men and women who:

  • have an outstanding record of academic, business, professional or organisational achievements.
  • have a proven record of leadership in a public, corporate or community setting.
  • constantly seek to help others up the ladder.
  • thrive when working with other people.
  • actively seek ways to maximize their own potential.
  • enjoy problem solving and creative thinking.
  • want to use their talents to make positive changes in their lives and their communities.
  • have overcome adversity to rise to the top of their game.

Why join Us.

If you are interested in advancing your career, widening your network or looking to start a business then this New Horizon’s Leadership programme is definitely for you.

Making changes to your career is never easy, but if you have been asking yourself questions about where you would like your career to go and whether you have the right and unique skill set to make that bold career move then consider enrolling for our Mentoring programme.


What does the programme do for you?

  • Prepare you for the next advance in your career move.
  • Give you a support network of mentors with a wealth of experience to help you achieve your career goals.
  • Connect with others and learn about various communication strategies.
  • Receive invaluable guidance on career advancement and leadership skills.


Our mentoring program applications start in February 2021. Please contact us at