Champion and support the development of community cohesion through local events featuring various art form and fundraising endeavours

BN network held a flagship creative community celebration in 2017. This comprised of over 120 organisations and  14 partners coming together to celebrate creativity in enterprise and in community.
A platform was crafted to support the showcasing of the work of charities and social business across the city of Milton Keynes. Through this networking opportunity organisations were able to publicise and celebrate their work, source advice and support to help grow their organisations.

We partnered with NatWest Bank, Milton Keynes City Council, to deliver a business seminar focused on developing young male entrepreneurs resilience in business, and introducing them to key support agencies. Introductions were made between leaders, business owners, people in management and educators.

The programme brought together over 200 community leaders from a range of areas of interest including, faith, sport, business and community. The event was celebrated for the added value it brought to youth in business and in the community arena.

The programme also developed a capacity fund and in partnership with the programme several small groups were given a part of the fund.

The event was attended by The Mayor of Milton Keynes and The Mayor of Wolverton.


Partnered by: –


Landmarks Consulting, Carers Trust, Sparkles Foundation, Concern for the Blind, Sisters International Fellowship, Women’s Hope Forum, Celestial Group of Community Churches, Noble Ladies, Fawcett trust, MKCCG